A Man’s Guide For Finding A Diamond Engagement Ring That Shines!

When celebs choose to get married, they can afford the luxury to shut down an entire jewelry store to find the perfect engagement ring. Most buyers cannot do that, and since engagement rings are often a surprise, men who usually buy rings are extremely confused with the wide range of options. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings New Zealand, here’s a guide that will sort the options.

Start with a budget

You may want to gift the biggest diamond ring to your beloved, but let’s get realistic here – Diamonds are the most valued gemstones in the world, and even the tiniest ones come for a huge price. It only makes sense that you decide the price you can afford and then step in the market for options. Tweaking the price here and there is not a bad idea, but the budget will sort out the broad options that can be considered.

Don’t be hesitant to buy online

Contrary to what many conventional buyers think, buying engagement rings made of diamonds and precious metals from online stores is not risky. This is when you have selected the right store for your requirements that can be trusted for authenticity and genuineness. Most of the better stores also accept returns or will buy back the diamond, if and when you choose to sell the same. Yes, do your homework and always buy your diamond rings and jewelry from an online retailer that’s known well, is transparent and will offer a buying certificate.

Know your diamonds

By now, you probably know that the price of a diamond is determined on four major categories – cut, color, carat and clarity. It is impossible to find a flawless diamond, because there isn’t any. Diamonds are formed naturally and will have a few inclusions, which are microscopic and are measured in terms of clarity. As a standard buyer, this is not something that you need to be specifically worried about. What needs more attention is the cut and color. The brilliance of a diamond is determined by the cut, while the color actually refers to lack of color in a diamond.  Also, unlike what most of us know, carat is not the measure of size, but the weight of the diamond. Diamonds are also often rated based on shape, and for engagement rings, you will do better with round or princess cut diamonds.

Check online and find your solitaire now!